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Quotes and getting through

I’ve realised I literally fill myself with quotes and sayings on a daily basis.

I use quotes and affirmations a lot as part of my coping.

I use it for others in my happy post but also daily in my own strategies.

I find words, lyrics, quotes and affirmations powerful and I use all of those things a lot!

It’s dawned on me today as I got dressed just how much I use these things externally to express myself or to help me through.

Today’s Outfit includes a “stop the planet I want to get off” sweater which very aptly describes my current state of anxiety and lithium levels that are all put of whack, a “there is always hope” quote ring, an “aim for progress not perfection” quote ring, a semi colon ring and a.”kindness” bracelet.

mental health quote accessories
mental health jewellery and accessories

I guess this is where my notes of hope come from, my happy post and most of what I do – I love quotes and words and find them very powerful and love my many affirmation based accessories!

Being an Etsy shop owner many of these beauties have been found in th wonders of etsy which when you buy you’re also of the knowledge that you’re helping a small business instead of the big stores so if you fancy your own uplifting clothes and accessories definitely head to etsy!

Like me you can be a walking quote ๐Ÿ˜‚


Mental Health Advocate โ™ก Recovered from Anorexia & Self harm โ™ก Bipolar Warrior โ™ก Etsy shop owner โ™ก Sender of "Happy Post"

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