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A Bowl Of Irish Stew

I was honoured to share a small part of my story and my Mental health journey as part of this wonderful book.

A Bowl Of Irish Stew is a fantastic collection of stories filled with hope and courage by some very inspiring people.

The proceeds of this book go to a good cause too so it’s well worth looking in to getting a copy and reading more about the wonderful work being done by the AWESOME people that put this book together! You can see the website and where to get a copy HERE

Be sure to give them a follow and some love on Twitter too ♡♡♡♡

Along with my own contribution there are many other stories that just ooze courage, hope, resilience and pure awesomeness from people that have survived and conquered in some way.

Please do take a look and grab yourself a copy – it’s all for a great cause too!


Mental Health Advocate ♡ Recovered from Anorexia & Self harm ♡ Bipolar Warrior ♡ Etsy shop owner ♡ Sender of "Happy Post"

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