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Katie Maylea – Mental Health Awareness Campaigner and Advocate Blogger

A Journey To Hope – Katie Houghton

As someone that has had a long, hard battle with mental health issues I understand that sometimes it feels that things will never get better. That you will never have a normal life and join all those other people that you just watch getting on with their lives while wondering how the hell they do it.

As someone that has battled with self-harm, anorexia, bipolar, numerous hospital admissions and a fight with the system to get the correct help I understand that this path sometimes seems impossible and you just can’t see that it will possibly get any better. It can. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time and the day will come that you will be glad that you never gave up.

I am extremely passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues and helping people to know that they are not on their own and that it is ok to speak about mental health and ask for help.

I have written a BOOK called In Bloom Not Broken which is my own personal journey through mental illness.

I wanted to write a raw, honest book with no heirs and graces to really show what it is like inside the mind of someone struggling with mental illness and so I have added many diary entries, written at the time of struggling with anorexia, depression and also bipolar mania with psychotic features.

I want to show others with this book that they are not alone in the feelings they are experiencing which can often feel shameful and live in secret, only making the feelings worse.

You can find it here:

UK : Buy My Book Here

US: Buy My book Here


Katie Maylea Lord Mayor Award Birmingham
Lord Mayor Award For “Outstanding Contribution To The People Of Birmingham” Mental Health Awareness – Katie Maylea

I am a firm believer that sometimes the smallest of things can make a big difference.

Mental Health Issues Awareness Blogger and Author.

Mental Health campaigner and author of In Bloom Not Broken – Katie Houghton

Mental health campaigner.

I aim to raise awareness of mental health issues, share my story and things I have learned along the way to hopefully make people feel less alone and know that recovery (to whatever extent that is to the individual personally) is possible, we just have to keep fighting and not give up, because there is always hope.

I am a mental health campaigner and so get involved wherever possible in raising awareness on mental health and speak openly about my experiences in the media as well as blogging and vlogging. Please see the menu bar to see these other sections of my website and to have a look at what I have been up to!

In The Media & Raising Awareness

My Mental Health Projects In The Community

Happy Post

I also send “Happy post” free to those struggling with mental illness.

I do this in the hope that it will make someone feel less alone who is really struggling with their mental health as it can be extremely lonely and not everyone has a big support network. It can sometimes feel no one understands and I believe that sometimes it is the little things that make a difference when it feels like someone else understands and can offer some hope.

You can see more about this and how to request Happy Post HERE


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This website is sponsored by Steve Sharkey who’s blog you can see HERE

He has not only allowed this website to happen but also helped me tremendously with happy post stamps and I am truly grateful for his kindness ♡

You can follow this amazing human and fellow mental health advocate on Twitter HERE ♡♡

6 thoughts on “In Bloom Not Broken – About Me

  1. Hi Katie 🙂
    So this morning the posty passed me a beautiful yellow card covered in happy joyous stickers! Well it’s not my birthday and I don’t get cards even then but it was clearly addressed to me? Well what wonderful surprise and a joy to recieve a sentiment that was pure:-)
    For me this year the fogs starting to lift for me and this amazing gift of encouragement has seriously bolstered my determination to become the man I was and the man in supposed to be again. You absolutely Rock chick. Be blessed for ever and live your best life sweet,Thank you so much, Patrick xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Patrick! This is so lovely to read! Thank you for letting me know you received it and I am so glad you liked it! Keep going strong! Katie x


      1. I went thru the station in Birmz
        And felt moved by Katie’s affirmz
        So in the name of God up above
        I’ve came here with nothing but LOVE
        To spread beautifully like safe healthy germs!


  2. Thank you for sharing your story! And for helping me believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

    I know it’s a battle right now to be me, but I am still me and recovery will take time!


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