About Me – Katie Maylea

Mental Health Issues Awareness Blogger

I am extremely passionate about mental health and this comes from having a very long hard battle from the age of 14 which started with self-harm and depression which then led on to anorexia in early adulthood resulting in three inpatient admissions.

I thought I would never recover from anorexia. But I did! It wasn’t easy and I still have times where it tried to creep in, particularly if I am depressed or stressed but I have learned not to let it in and how to manage it.

However, just because I won the fight with anorexia it wasn’t plain sailing and I continued to struggle with my moods and depression and hit rock bottom on more than one occasion and got to the point where I tried to end my life.

I got a private diagnosis in 2010 of bipolar disorder from a private psychiatrist and I finally thought my battle was over, unfortunately this was not the case and it was discounted by a terrible excuse of a psychiatrist who never even read the report and announced to me that my problem was that my life was “Boring, empty and pointless”

This broke me and I refused to engage with any NHS services for another four years until I got pregnant with my daughter and suffered pre natal depression.

The interim was four years of suffering that could have possibly been avoided and resulted in a further three inpatient admissions off the back of both depression and mania with psychosis/paranoid delusions.

I am now recovered from anorexia, I have not engaged in any self harm behaviors for approximately 9 years and although I struggle with moods I have learned to be able to deal with them better, for longer periods of time before the next one may hit.

It’s not perfect. I think anyone that gives rags to riches stories with mental health is not being completely honest…I want to show people and offer some hope that while it’s not perfect it can get better, the worst CAN pass and you won’t feel despair forever.

I know how it feels to feel completely alone and so my aim is to offer a story of hope that this is possible, it’s okay not to be okay, you don’t need to feel ashamed and “This too shall pass”

I am passionate about raising awareness and reducing mental health stigma and maybe passing on a little hope along the way!

Mental Health Issues Awareness Blogger and Author.