Donate To Mental Health Awareness Projects and Campaigns

Donations to my mental health awarenawarenss projects are always hugely appreciated

It means I can send the more happy post to those struggling with mental health issues, plan and action more projects to raise awareness and offer hope to others.

Happy post is and always will be free, for as long as I run the project and am able to. I will never charge for happy post or the costs involved including postage as that is simply not what the project is about – I want it to remain a simple act of kindness where nothing is expected in return to simply make someone feel less alone. Sometimes it really is the small things that make a big difference and that is why I do this.

I am limited to how much I can put in to it myself as it does all add up with the cost of the monthly website fees, card, ink, envelopes, sticker paper (I make my happy post stickers myself mostly!), foil (that’s what makes them awesomely shiny!) etc it gets costly quickly and so donations are so appreciated!

ItsItsIt’s not just happy post however – all the projects I do involve costs and materials and it adds up fast so im often limited – donations go towards me being able to do projects and carry on planning more.

You can make a donation below – 100% of any money received goes towards my project materials.

Thank you so much if you decide to donate it really does help no matter how small.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigner and Advocate Blogger

Happy Post Donation

100% of all donations go to stamps, envelopes, card, ink and all other materials required to keep the Happy Post Project alive and all donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated!


Happy+post+mental+health katie houghton
Happy Post to those struggling with mental illness
Mental health campaigner Katie houghton
Hearts of hope World Mental Health Day 2018

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