Happy Post

The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

This is something I truly believe. Sometimes it’s the little things that can the most impact.

With this in mind I decided to start sending “Happy Post” to people struggling with their mental health, people that feel lonely and who have lost hope.

My happy post is just a little gesture (It’s totally free!) to show that someone cares. It’s usually a little card, letter, a little quote print or similar. Something bright and with the aim to make the recipient smile, if only for that moment – sometimes that can make a difference!

I do this free and get a lot of requests so I can’t always send to every request, or it may sometimes take me a while to get to your request or get it sent out due to general day to day commitments and what I have going on but I will always aim to get something sent to everyone who contacts me.

To request Happy Post please use the form below.



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