In Bloom Not Broken Mental Health Awareness Awards

The In Bloom Not Broken Awareness Awards have been put together by myself and Redditch Councillor Joanne Beecham to create an event with the aim to raise awareness on mental health, recognise and inspire.

It will be an uplifting event to offer hope to those struggling with mental illness, to recognise those that have overcome adversity and gone above and beyond to help others as well as a place to give people who have experience of mental illness a voice to inspire others and show that things can get better even when it may seem impossible.

The event will take place on Thursday 16th May which is Mental Health Awareness Week at the Birmingham Bierkeller  from 7-10pm (with time at the end for socialisng if people would like to stay for a while and have a drink and a chat!)

The event will run as part of my group Midlands Messages of Hope from which I run my mental health awareness projects and so award nominations must be from those within the Midlands area, although anyone is welcome to join us on the evening from any area of the country.

As well as awards to recognise people who have made a difference there will be entertainment from local talent to bring the event together including a singer and dance groups. There will also be a bar within the venue room for you to use as well as some special touches for people who attend to enjoy!

We are asking people from the Midlands to nominate people they feel fit any of the below awards that they feel deserves recognition.

The nominations will be looked at by independent judges and the winner in each category will be notified prior to the event and must be present on the evening to collect their award so please only nominate yourself or someone else if you are available on the evening of the event.

As someone with a long history of mental illness, years spent battling the system and at times feeling as though the fight was endless to now managing my mental health far more successfully and being incredibly passionate about raising awareness on mental health I wanted to create an event that would offer hope to others and recognise those who would otherwise go unnoticed to inspire others to keep going and keep helping those around them.

Please see below the awards nominations section to see some of the wonderful people who will be sharing their stories and who are involved with this event.

More information will be coming soon and this page will be updated with new information so please do keep checking back.


Tickets will be limited and all money raised will be going to This Way Up This fantastic West Midlands based charity support young people who are struggling to cope with feelings of loss as a result of family breakdown or bereavement.

You can buy your tickets for a small fee which will be raise money for This Way Up Here

The Awards And Nominations

I named the event “In Bloom Not Broken” as this is something I believe… we are all in bloom not broken….. No one is broken and unfixable, we are simply growing. This is what I have also called my book about my own mental health journey which is currently in publication.

To keep in with this theme all the awards will be individually named after a flower with the award relating to the meaning of that flower.

You can see the different awards below. Please fill out the form to submit your nomination. Please ensure you choose the correct award you are nominating for from the drop down box. You may nominate a person for more than one award.

Please remember the Nominees must be based in the Midlands.

All nominations must be received by 01/04/2019

Please give as much details as possible. The judges will never have met your nominees and things like “They do amazing work to raise awareness” doesn’t give them much to go on. To give your nominees the best chance of winning an award please tell us why they are amazing, how they have helped you, what have they done? what work exactly do they do? How have they made a difference? is their a link to their website or to show what they have achieved? 

The  small details go a long way!

The Freesia Award

The freesia stands for thoughtfulness so this award will be awarded to someone who has shown a great level of thoughtfulness when helping someone else in relation to their mental health. Thoughtfulness goes a long way when someone is struggling with their mental health and so this award is to recognise someone who has displayed this to a great degree.

The Peony Award

The peony represents compassion. Compassion is so important to people struggling with their mental health and a little of this really does go a long way so we want to hear about the people that have shown huge amounts of compassion in relation to mental health. Whether its someone that has helped you, or whether you have helped others in a way that has gone above and beyond we want to hear about all the compassionate souls out there that have really made a difference.

The Carnation Award

The carnation represents Love, Pride and Admiration and so this award is to recognise someone that works within mental health whether paid or voluntary sector that loves their job and takes an immense amount of pride in what they do, someone that people admire and go to when they need someone to talk to knowing they will always be heard and listened to. We want to hear what these people have done and how they have made a difference to other people’s lives.

The Gladiolus Award

The Gladiolus represents remembrance and in this award to want recognise someone that has lost someone through mental illness and incredibly gone on to do something to help other despite their loss and grief, they have incredibly used that to go on to help others. Whether it be fundraising, awareness projects, speaking out and helping others or something else entirely. We want to hear about these incredible people.

The Queen Annes Lace Award

Queen Annes Lace represents a haven or sanctuary. For this award we want to hear about the places that have helped you, whether it be a charity, a help line, a hospital, somewhere you have gone to for help that has helped you when you have needed it. Tell us about the places that you have turned to that have helped you in your times of need.

The Geranium Award

The geranium symbolises determination and so for this award we want to hear about the warriors out there. The people that have battled mental illness and at times lost hope but never given up and have shown great courage and determination when fighting their mental illness. This person will have come through the other side and be an inspiration to others to show that it is possible for things to get better and inspire others.

The Iris Award

Iris represents good news. This award will be dedicated to someone who has done something really positive in respect of mental health awareness, change and really making a difference in some way.  We want to hear about those people that have done something to try and change the way mental health is viewed, that have dedicated themselves to raising awareness or done something to make a difference in the world of mental health advocacy.

The Laurel Award

Laurel represents Ambition so we want nominations for people that either have suffered with their own mental health but gone on to achieve something amazing. Whether it be a personal achievement or something they are aiming to change or do within mental health work we want to show that people with mental health issues can still recover, achieve and live their lives and fulfil their dreams!

The Sunflower Award

The sunflower represents dedication and so this award is for a mental health worker, charity worker, psychiatrist, therapist – anyone that works with people with mental health issues that has gone above and beyond and really made a difference to someones life, perhaps even saved their life – knowingly or unknowingly. These people are the diamonds within mental health services, charities and we want to hear about them and recognise someone  that has done something amazing.

The Snowdrop Award

This award is the very special award of the evening that will be presented as the final award.

The snowdrop symbolises hope. Having hope when suffering with a mental illness is so important, having hope can save you and keep you going and so this award is open to someone that has done something amazing. We don’t want to pinpoint this award and so we just want to hear about the people that have done something amazing and given hope in someway. Whether it be someone that has battled their own mental health or a family member that has helped someone else and gone above and beyond or someone that works within mental health. We don’t mind, as long as they have had an impact in one way or another we want to hear about them and give someone the recognition they deserve.


If you would like to contact me about anything else in relation to this event whether it is being involved or a media enquiry please do so via the form below


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Speakers – Words Of Hope From Our Hearts To Yours

The following people will be sharing their stories with you all at this event to inspire, tackle stigma, show that things can get better and to offer hope.

Arun Kapur

Arun is a mental health advocate with a passion for film and poetry which he uses as a form of expression. He uses creative skills to help others find their voice and is passionate about sharing his journey to have a positive effect on others.

Follow Arun On Twitter Here

Lorna O’Connor

Lorna is a mental health campaigner who has survived anorexia and battles borderline personality disorder. She understands the power stigma can have and wants to challenge this head on using her experiences.

Follow Lorna On Twitter Here

Sharunjeet Singh

Sharunjeet is the founder of Taraki, a movement that ains to change the way Punjabi communities approach mental health

Taraki Website

Luissa Burton

Luissa is Miss Europe World 2018. She was told that she could never be a successful model due to a skin condition that covered and disfigured her entire body. She passionately uses her story to inspire others to never let go of their dreams.

Jo Jukes

Jo sadly lost her husband to suicide in October 2018 she is passionate about tackling stigma surrounding suicide and veterans mental health. She will be speaking of her experiences and offering hope to others.

Jo’s Facebook Group

Liam Mckenzie

Liam lost all four limbs aged two and has had to overcome difficulties both physically and mentally throughout his life. He is passional about sharing his story to inspire others and offer hope.

Follow Liam On Twitter

Natasha Coates

Elspeth Van Der Hole

Elspeth is a fashion photographer, illustrator and mental health advocate who is in recover from BPD and CPTSD after severe emotional trauma in childhood through to adulthood.

She actively shares her journey and coping mechanisms whilst inspiring others to make positive but achievable changes to their lives predominantly using fitness to overcome her mental health challenges.

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Pete Neale

Pete is a veteran  who suffered from PTSD for 18 years following his service. He tried to end his life numerous times and on the final attempt believed it was not meant to be and something had to change.

From that moment Pete turned things around and he sought treatment and incredibly set up The Veterans Respite Centre to help other veterans suffering with their own mental health.


We will have dance acts on the evening from HiBri’s and Roland And Sayers with an inspirational edge as well as The amazing Alexa Goddard who will be singing and Josh Smiffy , a 24 year old rapper passionate about making a change to tackling the stigma attached to mental health.


Raffle Prizes

This is being updated regularly so please check back!

The Lounges gift voucher £50 £100 gift voucher

Items from A Band Of Hope

One day retreat experience at The Healing Hut (Females only so if you’re male and win pass to a female who needs a little me time!)

2 x books from Lynn Crilly

Gift Bag from Katies Cabin

Be Positive journal from Be Positive

£10 voucher from Colour Your Life Club

Self Care Stationary Box from Rowan Tree Supplies

Body And Soul Journal from Blush And Gold

3 box gift box voucher from Graze

£30 Shopping Voucher from Touchwood Solihull





Special thank you to Simply Stunning Weddings for providing some wonderful decorations and props for this event!

Huge Thank you to South Birmingham Radio for their support and involvement.