In The Media And Raising Awareness

Katie Dodd (Maylea) Mental Health Advocate.

I try to speak out and raise awareness as much as I can be based on my own experiences of having a very long battle with mental illness.

I have lots of personal experience of the battles within the NHS system for help and across various mental health issues that I have struggled with including self-harm, anorexia, depression and bipolar disorder.

My aim is to put my experiences to some good use that will benefit others, raise awareness and be very honest about mental illness and related topics.

It has taken me many years to get to the point where I am very open, honest and keen to speak out on these issues to raise awareness on mental health issues.

I have spoken to various radio and media organizations and more recently have also been involved in the Lloyds bank #GetTheInsideOut campaign.

Below is an example of a few of the things I have contributed to. If you think I can help you with speaking about mental health please do get In touch.

you can also see my own vlogs on mental health issues HERE

Please feel free to contact me should you feel I can help you with any type of mental health awareness and speaking about my own experiences HERE

Lloyds Bank and Stylist magazine #GetTheInsideOut mental health awareness camapign


You can see one of my Mighty contributions shared by The Mighty HERE which is a letter to mental health professionals from mental health patients everywhere and what we want you to know.

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I have had a couple of articles shared by the Huffington Post. You can see one HERE. This one was about my “Tree Of Hope” Christmas project that I did in a local park for those struggling with their mental health over the holiday period.

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Grazia magazine online – Anti anxiety medication reliance

I contributed to an article regarding anti anxiety medication addiction which you can find here

World Mental Health Day 2018

I organised a project called “Hearts of hope” where 200 messages of hope we’re hung to the entrance of Shirley Park for world mental health day. These messages were removable for people to take away and it received an amazing response from the public in the local area and beyond!

I also spoke to WM radio about this project.

BBC News Online

Self Harm Statistics.

BBC News - Katie Houghton - Mental Health
BBC News – Self-harm interview

‘I self-harmed to take control’

A survey of 11,000 children has revealed shocking levels of self harm in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

One woman who self-harmed as a teenager explains why she felt the need to hurt herself.

You can see my interview that I did as part of these new statistics HERE
Itv news notes of hope katie houghton
Notes Of Hope – Musketts Way Bridge

ITV Central News Musketts Way Bridge – Notes of Hope

Worcestershire County Council removes notes in the aim of suicide prevention.

As part of my Notes of Hope project and the council removing the notes even after this has shown to save lives in other areas, this was picked up by various media where I spoke about why I believe these notes are saving lives all over the UK at the moment. You can see the full article and video HERE

I also did a live interview for speaking about this project:

I also spoke to various radio stations about this including FREE RADIO, BBC Hereford & Worcester as well as it is in the local press, one of the front pages can be seen below.

I am still campaigning for the council to allow me to rehang these notes and you can sign the petition HERE


Notes of hope – Redditch

Self Harm In Teenagers

New statistics emerged revealing that a high number of teens are self-harming and so I shard my experiences with BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio and BBC 2’s Victoria Derbyshire show live as shown below.

This is a topic that I am very passionate about and believe there really does need to be more support and education within schools to safeguard and educate young people on mental health issues. I believe if this had been the case when I was at school and there had been a dedicated teacher that I could have trusted then maybe I would have spoken out and there would have been earlier intervention into my own mental health.

BBC News –


This was a BBC piece about the use of police and cells in psychiatric care back in 2015.

I was interviewed about my own experiences of being taken to A&E by police when three police cars and a van came to my home following an I made to a helpline about wanting to take my own life.

I was marched through A & E with police on each arm with every staring like I had done something wrong, not desperately depressed and suicidal.

After being scared and embarrassed I tried to run and got restrained by a police officer who told me that I needed to calm down or I would be taken to a cell.

I was pleased to be involved in this as while, of course, police involvement is sometimes necessary it as a whole needs to be re-looked at.

People with mental illness should not be made to feel like criminals.

You can see the full BBC News piece HERE

Time To Change Vlog On Mental Health Stigma

I did a vlog for Time To Change on some common phrases used when speaking about mental health and some that can actually do more harm than good.

I have also done interviews with other companies and radio such as

RT news

I have done a few interviews for Free radio on various mental health topics and about my projects.