My personal Awareness Projects

Below are some of the personal projects that I have put together and competed with the aim to raise awareness and help others who are struggling along the way.

My “Happy Post” project is on going and alongside that I am always thinking up new ways and Ideas that I can use a creative element for to raise awaness in mental illness.

Words of hope – In Bloom Not Broken

This video was put together as I wanted to create something accessible to more people via the internet and social media who are struggling and needing to hear that it’s okay not to be okay.

I gathered clips from people worldwide along the theme of “If you could tell someone struggling with their mental health one thing what would that be?” What came together was an amazing collection of words of hope from people with mental health issues to others who need a little hope. ♡

Tree Of Hope – Shirley Park – Christmas 2018

This was a project to help or give comfort to those struggling with their mental health at Christmas as it can be a tough time for so many.

Each heart of hope had the samaritans number on the back to remind people that they are not alone and there is someone available to talk.

The hearts are for people struggling to take away and remember there is always hope ♡

Hearts of hope at Core library in solihull

This project was done for the Christmas period as although it’s known as being a magical time, for some that isn’t the case for a variety of reasons.

I handwrote 150 hearts of hope and 120 tags and created a display with the aim that the hearts and tags can be removed and taken by those struggling with their mental health.

This display was built around the library’s mental health book section and mental health charity leaflets and cards.

IAPT also arranged to do a drop in session by the display to talk to those needing advice regarding mental health and services.

Hearts of hope at Shirley Park for World Mental Health Day 2018

For World Mental Health Day 2018 I handwrote 200 hearts of hope with messages and quotes to tackle stigma and raise awareness and attached them to the entrance of Shirley Park which is on a main, busy road.

They were attached in a way that they could be removed and taken by anyone struggling with their mental health. This was extremely well received and I had so many lovely messages from people who this project had helped.

It also created conversation around mental health as people would stop and talk about the hearts and people opened up to each other which was amazing to see.

Notes Of Hope on a bridge known for people ending their lives

I hand wrote 150 notes of hope with personal messages and quotes of hope and attached them the length of the bridge which is a very long high bridge over a highway.

Unfortunately Worcestershire County Council tore them down two days later but this was picked up by the media who supported me and this project is still on going with meetings and plans to try to change the council’s policy.