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Dear Mental Heath Professionals…..

Mental health NHS professional failures
The NHS failures within mental health is on a larger scale that many realise.

Dear You, the potentially amazing person who could change a life,

I want to take this opportunity to write to you on behalf of mental health patients to explain to you how much you mean to us, how your actions can save our lives…..Or in some cases break them.

We understand that your jobs must be very stressful, that you have undergone so much training to get where you are today and sometimes it must be easy to get bogged down- to stop seeing patients as individuals as you see so many and have to keep up with so many stories, so many cases and lives and that cannot be easy.

To those of you out there that speak to us like individuals, that take the time, don’t rush us out the door, don’t try and talk over us or push our own thoughts and feelings to one side to give us your own, that show empathy and compassion, ask us what WE think, listen – really listen – We commend you.

We are so grateful to you wonderful professionals that take that time to help us. When we come to you we often feel embarrassed, ashamed, confused and vulnerable and so when we are made to feel at ease by you and you offer a hand that we have been so desperate for it means the absolute world. Maybe even more than you could ever understand if you yourself have never been affected by mental illness. Some of us have been through this process many times, have seen many doctors and health professionals, poured our hearts out time and time again to have it overlooked and so sometimes we may come to you with our guard already up, we are ready to fight you before you have even introduced yourself and before we have even given you a chance but please understand that this is because we have been in battle. Battle with ourselves and in battle with the system for so long that it feels like we will never find anyone to be any different. This is why when you, the potentially amazing person with the chance to change a life comes along It means so much. It literally can mean our lives and I can guarantee if you are that amazing person you will never ever be forgotten and you will be appreciated more than you know, even if at times we may not show it, the fact that we trust you speaks volumes.

Unfortunately not all are amazing, there are some healthcare professionals within the system who I often have wondered why they chose the careers that they did. I am unsure why someone would choose to be in a caring profession, especially someone with more authority such a psychiatrist if they seemingly dislike dealing with patients with mental health issues., The same was i would question why someone would choose be be a chef if they hated cooking.

I can speak on behalf of myself and many others that I have spoken to over the years when I say that words, whilst extremely vulnerable can make or break. They can literally save a life or quite literally destroy it. It may sound extreme but at points that is the power that you hold in your hands and you may not even realise it at the time. To those that use that power wisely you deserve so much recognition and thanks, to those that don’t I am hoping maybe you will rethink how you view and treat your patients. That you may hear what you are saying to this human being – not just another case -in front of you and ask yourself wether you really believe what you are saying is right.

For example, I really hope that the psychiatrist that told me after an overdose that my problem was that my life was “boring empty and pointless” has thought about that since and realised that he shouldn’t have spoken to me that way. I hope that the psychiatrist that told me that self harm was “Childs play” and questioned me as to why I hadn’t actually attempted to kill myself and “didn’t I like that kind of attention?” has at some point in his career either been pulled up or looked at himself in the mirror and realised he is harming patients with comments like that.

Those examples are just the tip of my iceberg. They are just me. One person. I have heard some terrible stories. Stories where comments from people that hold the power to change someones like have destroyed it in one moment and made them suicidal – the straw that broke the camels back if you will.

I wonder how these things are allowed to happen. Unfortunately it’s not easy to challenge the system when making complaints, especially when vulnerable. Believe me I have tried.

On the other turn of the coin the ones that go above and beyond, that show care and massive amounts of compassion – you are the diamonds, the shining stars that we all search for. Sometimes the search for a star like you can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It becomes just as tedious too and feels just as hopeless but for those of us that find the fight to keep searching (because unfortunately many lose that hope and that fight) when we find you it’s a very special moment and you probably don’t even realise it but inside we feel like we have found gold. Finally someone that cares, Finally someone that wants to listen and we value you and what you do so much. Thank you.

The sad thing is all of you have the chance to be a diamond. To be that star we are searching for. We understand you are human, everyone has bad days. You are not immune to that but on a day to day basis holding the power you do in your hands you have the chance to be that star we have been desperately searching for. Some just seemingly never set out with that goal, or maybe lost sight of it along the way somewhere I am not sure.

Please just treat us as individuals, listen, be kind. That’s all we ask for. That’s all we want most of the time when we are in a bad place and so have had to come and see you. Please don’t belittle us, just hand us medication without talking to us first – definitely don’t tell us things along the lines of self harm being attention seeking or that we have wasted people’s time….and worse I have heard. Imagine this person sitting in front of you was your daughter/son/wife/husband, whoever it may be and ask yourself what you would feel if someone was saying those things to someone you loved, if you would be angry then please question why you are saying it to patients within your care.

To all you amazing people, the mental health professionals that change lives THANK YOU!

To the others that have said things that should have never been said, I am sure you know this already deep down, and I hope that you rethink the way you are treating vulnerable people. You have the potential to be amazing, to do something amazing – please take it – You literally have the power to make or break that person sat in front of you. To help or to hinder and all it takes is the right choice of words and the right approach.

Thank you to those that have changed my life and on behalf of all the other people who have found their diamonds.

There are so many still searching, so to YOU, the person with the potential to be amazing and change a life, the next patient you come in to contact with – please be theirs.

Yours Sincerely

Mental Health Patients Everywhere.

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What NOT To Say TO Someone With A Mental Illness

mental health stigma - what to say mental health
what to say to someone with mental health issues and what not to say – mental health stigma

It’s hard to know what to say sometimes to someone struggling with mental health issues.

It can feel like you can’t do right for doing wrong and no matter what you say it doesn’t help. It’s hard. Really bloody hard and it’s easy to be left feeling helpless just trying to say anything to make the person suffering feel better. I get that, the words come from a good place but there are some things that really are better left unsaid.


You’re not wrong it could be. We could say this of every single person on the planets situations. It could ALWAYS be worse, you could always throw something else in to the mix of a bad situation and make it a total disaster. However, this doesn’t help. It makes someone suffering with mental illness feel inadequate….Most likely on top of what they already do, like they shouldn’t be moaning, like it’s no big deal. It IS a big deal. Mental illness is a total big deal and it can feel like it couldn’t get any worse. If someone is feeling suicidal and those words are spoken believe me, it’s a soul crusher and leaves you feeling like a waste of air.

Everyone experiences things differently, this does not mean that one persons problems are worse than someone else’s just because they are different.

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Anorexia – When The Scales LIE!

Anorexia treatment should not be based on numbers

Leaving treatment until someone reaches a certain category of BMI is harmful. It is also reducing the chances of a full recovery.

So they say that the scales don’t lie……It seems that perhaps they do.

Anorexia treatment rexovery and nhs failings
Anorexia is ruled by numbers – by those that suffer and too often also by how treatment is accessed

This is topic I am extremely passionate about.

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Meeting Yourself In The Middle


A “perfect” recovery within mental illness isn’t always possible

Mental health issues are complex and sometimes meeting yourself in the middle is necessary, and that’s ok!


Writing this I am currently on the train back from London where my psychiatrist is based and I’m sat here reflecting the appointment and about how we sometimes have to “meet ourselves in the middle” Continue reading “Meeting Yourself In The Middle”

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Hypomania – it’s so awesome, it’s fucking awful.

The contradictory nature of hypomania can be a difficult one to live with!

It can be difficult not to question yourself, your motives and when you think it’s the “real you” and then it vanishes like a ship into the night it’s hard to deal with.

bipolar disorder hypomania
bipolar and hypomania

The last few days I’ve been as flat as a pancake.

The odd spark of activity will fill my mind but I will still be sat 10 minutes later thinking about how it’s a good idea….but that I really just can’t do it because I feel deflated.

Like one of those helium balloons that was full of life and headed to the ceiling only held down by a pretty, shiny weight but if that were to have broken it would have been off onwards and upwards towards the sky, any of the paths it may have taken being possible. But it’s been sat there a while and now it’s looking a bit sad, the air has left it and its hovering between the sky and the floor, undecided which it belongs to. Continue reading “Hypomania – it’s so awesome, it’s fucking awful.”

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The Journey Begins

Don’t let anyone tell you-you are defined by your mental health. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do something, be someone, live your life. You can be whatever you wish to be, follow the dreams that you have always wanted. Life is tough darling, but so are you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-Lao Tzu