Vlogs – Speaking Out On Mental Health

The downside to anti anxiety medication

This vlog was off the back off my interview with Grazia about anti anxiety medication addiction which you can see in my blog section and I expand on my experiences here.

Are we ever too “broken” to come through the worst?

No. It can feel that way. We can seemingly lose hope. It is However so possible for things to change!

Never give up. ♡

Never judge a book by its cover – Mental health and beyond.

This goes for not just mental illness but general life, we all make judgements, its part of being human but maybe we need to stop and think before we do.

Mania means you’re super excitable and psychosis means you’re a psychopath, right?!


Mania and psychosis hold a lot of stigma and misconcepstions – I talk about my own experiences with these two things.

This is a letter to YOU, the person who feels lost, lonely, and like life isn’t worth living.

You are stronger than you think, braver than you know. You can do this. Things can change. I promise.

Keep fighting.

World Suicide Prevention Day – Monday 10th September.

Suicide hold a lot of stigma. People don’t like talking about it. I talk here about the feelings that go behind suicide and my own personal experiences in the aim of suicide awareness.

A simple message can save a life.

I am proof of this. Talk. Reach Out. End The Stigma.

Please take 10 minutes to watch this, to understand why suicide isn’t “a cowards way out”, it’s not “attention seeking” and why something as simple as a message really can save someone’s life.

Self Harm – It can be difficult to understand both as someone going through it and someone trying to help.

My experiences with self-harm and advice from my personal perspective.

I recently gave an interview on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show about the recent self-harm statistics in teenage girls and wanted to expand a little on my own experiences.

Dear Mental Health Professionals, what we want you to know.

Yours sincerely, Mental health patients everywhere.

If I could only choose one area of mental health to raise awareness of and to campaign for it would be the system in which we are treated and depend on, a system that is failing too many.

This is a previous blog post that you can find further down that I decided to make into a video. Please share as I am extremely passionate about this and feel its an area that needs so much more awareness.

My vlog for Time To change

Mental Health Stigma

Mental health and medications – stigma.

There is a lot of stigma sometimes towards psychiatric medications and it’s easy to feel ashamed at having to take them but medication has saved my life.

Coping mechanisms in mental illness

My own thoughts on how I deal with the dark times

How I manage through depressive episodes and my thoughts on coping with these times.

Musketts Way Bridge – Notes of Hope

Suicide prevention project

This is a video about a project I am organising to fill a very well suicide spot – Musketts Way Bridge in Redditch with notes of hope.

This project has been adapted all over for some time and more recently a wonderful group of girls have done five bridges in the UK.

I wanted to bring this idea to a more local area to me and add notes of hope to this notorious bridge.

To support or join this project please join the facebook group here: Musketts Way Bridge Notes Of Hope Project

Is Suicide really a coward way out?

I have my own opinion on this.

Mental Health “Recovery”

The rocky road

Anorexia treatment & Myths

Does someone with anorexia really hate food?

Discrimination WITHIN the mental health system

We all point at public stigma and discrimination but what about some of the things that go on WITHIN the mental health system itself?

Katie Houghton – Mental Health

Me, myself and the happy post project

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